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Ergonomics: Benefits Beyond Compliance

Benefits of Ergonomics
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Is it good for business? YES
Increased production and improved quality are a direct result of well-designed jobs. Designing ergonomically, (in other words integrating the human into the system) minimizes injury risk and errors, and workers think and move more efficiently.

Can it reduce workers' compensation costs? YES
Back, cumulative trauma, and overexertion injuries don't have to be accepted as the cost of doing business. Ergonomics balances job demands and workers' tolerance, thereby reducing injuries and illnesses.

Does it relate to Lean Manufacturing? YES
Ergonomic changes that reduce rework and waste can optimize worker performance. Less fatigue allows for many more productive days. A safe and effective workplace also improves employee morale and reduces turnover and absenteeism.

Surely it's just common sense? NO
Ergonomic design is based on scientific knowledge. Learning about and applying basic principles will improve your work environment.

It's not simply a one shot deal? NO
Workplaces are constantly changing. Continuous improvement (Kaizen) leads to cost savings by applying ergonomics to existing designs, to keep systems efficient and people safe. Ergonomics applied to new designs reduces subsequent Kaizen events.

Is the cost worth it? YES
Ergonomics decreases operating costs. Efficient work methods, with reduced rework and waste, improve quality and productivity. Good design enhances job satisfaction and limits worker compensation claims, absenteeism, and turnover.

Optimizing Human Performance
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