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Ergonomics Services

  Ergonomics In Action PhotoStuart-Buttle Ergonomics provides services in ergonomics to the industrial sector and service industries, and to companies with laboratory and office environments.

The Computer User’s Guide, authored by Carol Stuart-Buttle, is provided to employees during office ergonomics training and individual assessments. The Guide is also available for purchase.

Management Support
Stuart-Buttle Ergonomics works with your team to plan and integrate ergonomics into your existing company processes. We can also assist you with promoting, maintaining and expanding your ergonomics initiatives.

Worksite Assessments
We conduct assessments on a spectrum from high level audits to detailed task analyses. Comprehensive assessments measure the job demands in a systems context, including performance and efficiency data. Problems and improvement opportunities are clearly defined, and practical solutions and guidance are provided. Recommendations are accompanied with resource guidance to assist implementation.

Design Support
Stuart-Buttle Ergonomics works with your designers and engineers on new designs and retrofit solutions. We provide criteria to help make the design trade-off decisions necessary to integrate the human effectively into the system and provide a balanced job.

Stuart-Buttle Ergonomics has conducted Applied Ergonomics Training Courses for many years to industry leaders and company teams. Onsite training is tailored to your industry needs and challenges, and includes hands-on problem solving. Shorter awareness courses are also offered for managers and supervisors, and employees.

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Optimizing Human Performance
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